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Does laser hair removal work?

Dec 14th, 2011

Here at Loving Laser, we’ve been in business, operating under the same name, for 11 years. In fact, October is our anniversary! (Check out our anniversary special).

So in some ways, we’re constantly surprised at how often people ask "Does laser hair removal really work?” After all, if it didn’t work, it’s hard to imagine we’d still have a successful business, especially in this economy.

Unfortunately, many people are still confused about whether or not laser hair removal works. We’d like to clear up a few of the reasons people have questions about the effectiveness of laser hair removal.

Most of the information available online is outdated. Laser hair removal has been commercially available since the mid-1990s. Unfortunately, a lot of the information about the procedure doesn’t seem like it’s been updated since then, despite major advancements that make it much more effective now than it was a decade ago. Think of it this way: cell phones were also available in the mid-1990s. Would you trust information about how well they work that hadn’t taken into consideration how much they’ve changed in the last 10-15 years? All the most recent research agrees that done properly, laser hair removal works.

Many places that offer laser hair removal have old equipment. If you’re getting laser hair removal from a spa or salon that offers many other services, they probably purchased the least expensive laser they could get--which may mean they bought an older, less effective laser. Back to our cell phone example, there is a BIG difference in even the best available mobile phone from 2002 and the latest iPhone. Or if you tan, you know that newer beds are much safer and more effective than beds and booths from even just a few years ago. At Loving Laser, we always upgrade to the best, latest technology available.

Even among new equipment, there can be big differences in quality and effectiveness.
Maybe your local spa or salon bought a new laser, but they didn’t buy the best, most effective equipment available. They may have even bought a laser that supposedly does more than laser hair removal. If you’ve ever purchased a "hair dryer that also straightens,” you know that usually, a tool that tries to do two totally different things ends up doing neither one particularly well. Old or ineffective equipment has lead many to have bad experiences with laser hair removal, thus promoting doubts about whether it works.

Other laser hair removal providers often set inaccurate expectations. Laser hair removal takes several treatments to completely remove the hair in a particular area, depending on your skin tone, hair color, texture and many other factors specific to the individual. In our experience, we know that by 8 treatments, most of the hair will be gone for most areas on most people, but it generally takes 12-16 treatments, sometimes more or less for complete hair removal. So we fully inform clients that it’s a commitment--but we also offer a unique guarantee that means we keep treating you until YOU agree that the hair is all gone, so any sessions after the 8th for that area are free. Unfortunately, some providers minimize how many treatments it will take, either because they don’t have enough experience to know better, or in order to get the sale--and their clients are disappointed because they don’t get the results they were (erroneously) promised.

At Loving Laser, we always make sure we have the latest and most effective equipment. We are upfront about how long the process takes. And we stand behind our results with our unique guarantee. If you’re wondering "does laser hair removal work?” then trust the latest research, and make sure you choose the best possible provider. Remember, at Loving Laser, laser hair removal is all we do--and that makes a big difference in the end result.