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Is laser hair removal permanent?

Dec 14th, 2011

People often ask if laser hair removal is permanent because they’ve gotten misinformation somewhere. Unfortunately, much of the information available online, and even from those who offer laser hair removal services is inaccurate or outdated. 

Most commonly, when people feel they have not gotten permanent results it’s because they did not receive enough treatments. You may have noticed that your hair does not grow evenly. It takes several treatments to ensure that the laser reaches even the deepest hair follicles. 

Some providers underestimate how many sessions it will take, either because they don’t have enough experience in laser hair removal, or because they were misinformed themselves, or because they’re afraid that a prospective client won’t be willing to sign up otherwise. 

At Loving Laser, we also schedule follow up appointments to coincide with the science of how your hair grows--every 6-8 weeks at first, and then further apart as the treatment naturally slows hair growth.  Other laser hair removal providers typically schedule follow ups once a month--to coincide with their billing cycle, not your hair growth cycle. This can mean that the new hair hasn’t had time to grow out enough for the laser to target yet. So you may have several treatments, and still only have experienced "hair reduction,” not "hair removal.” 

At Loving Laser, we specialize in laser hair removal, which means we keep treating you till you say all the hair is gone in your treatment area. Because we have 11 years of experience, and because laser hair removal is all we do, we can give you a realistic idea of how many treatments it will take. In fact, we’re so trusted as the experts in laser hair removal, manufacturers of laser hair removal equipment use our facility and our RNs as a training resource for their national trainers.

Because we give an honest and  realistic timeframe for complete hair removal, anything more than 8 treatments we provide for free through our unique guarantee. Want to learn more? Call for a consultation today!