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Scared of laser hair removal? Don't be!

Dec 14th, 2011

Right behind "does laser hair removal really work?” the most common question we hear about it is "does laser hair removal hurt?” 

To hear some people talk, laser hair removal is as scary as visiting Waverly Hills! But we want you to relax and be confident. Are you already removing your hair? 
  • Shaving (razor burn, knicks and cuts, oh my!)
  • Waxing (remember Mel Gibson in What Women Want? "How does anybody ever do the second leg?!”) 
  • Depilatories (chemicals that burn away your hair tend to also burn your skin a bit).  
Compared to other methods of hair removal, we can promise that laser hair removal is a lot more comfortable than you think. It’s nothing to be afraid of. 

Modern, state-of-the-art laser hair removal equipment--the kind we use at Loving Laser--employs suction to induce "sensory confusion” while the laser targets your hair follicles. Laser hair removal has been verified as perfectly safe for over a decade. 

At Loving Laser, we also put a special emphasis on pre-treatment and post-treatment care and education. So you won’t be at risk of having any discomfort or adverse reactions that could be triggered by, for example, having tanned too recently before your laser hair removal session, or too soon afterward. 

We also make sure to ask specifically before treatment if your medications have changed, or if you have tanned recently (just in case you forgot). Trust us, our professional RNs won’t let you receive a treatment if you are at risk for any kind of adverse reaction! We want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible. That’s how we build our referral business.