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Why laser treatment for hair removal?

Dec 14th, 2011

Women have used many methods for dealing with the problem of coarse, dark, or just unwanted hair over the years. In recent decades, in addition to the old standby of shaving or waxing, more modern methods such as depilatories, electrolysis and now laser treatment for hair removal are available.

Of all the available options, laser treatment for hair removal offers the best balance of value, safety, and convenience.

Compared to shaving, waxing or depilatories, you won’t be stuck in a never-ending cycle of repeating the process. While these temporary methods are low-cost in the short term, over your lifetime, they are more expensive and produce poorer results from an aesthetic perspective. In terms of convenience, they’re also a poor choice in lost time out of your day dealing with unwanted hair growth on an ongoing basis. From a safety perspective, nicks from shaving and burns from inexpertly-applied hot wax can create scars--the last thing you need when your concern is your skin’s appearance.

Compared to electrolysis, the laser hair removal process is more comfortable, requires fewer treatments, can cover more area per treatment, and can be half as expensive.

If your personal image is important and unwanted hair is a problem, laser treatment for hair removal is probably a smart long-term investment in how you look and feel.

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