Guaranteed Results

Our Unique Guarantee: It Really is Unlimited!

There are so many combinations of skin color and type, and hair color and type. We understand that everyone is unique. That is why we have a unique guarantee to fit you!

Hair removal is a process that takes several treatments scheduled anywhere from six to no more than fifteen weeks apart. This allows us to follow the natural hair cycle and treat the hairs in their active growth phase.

How far apart your treatments are scheduled depends on the type of hair, area of treatment and amount of treatments already received. Every person needs a different amount of treatments and most areas on the same person will also require a different amount.

Our program is set up to get you complete hair removal because that is what you pay for and after eight treatments with our lasers, you earn unlimited treatments at no additional charge ever!* However many treatments it takes for you is what we do to make you smooth!

You can choose to pay per treatment and after eight never pay again or buy a package of four and get four for free, which always includes our unique guarantee!

The only way you will ever pay more is if and when you decide to add more areas, which, let us warn you, usually happens once you realize how great it works and how easy it really is!

* Number of visits are not not limited on our guarantee. If at anytime you fail to meet the minimum required visits your guarantee is void. If at anytime you go outside the required maximum number of weeks between visits your guarantee is void.