Male Grooming

Trends change like the wind. But it seems this one has some staying power. Gone are the days of lusting after Burt Reynold's full mustache and sweater chest. Today, most women prefer their men smooth. Maybe the standard that mandates women be smooth is finally making its progression to the other side of the tracks. Or maybe women have simply been the trailblazers to a better quality of life -- hair free! Wherever the credit is due, personally we see it as progress.

Mainstream companies, like Gillette, are moving their focus beyond removing facial hair. They are catering to the modern man who wants to be hair-free on all parts of the body.

In our office, 63% of the shots coming out of our lasers are on men. Some men come at the prompting of loved ones, some have grown tired of hiding behind collars and t-shirts at the beach, and others come looking for an edge in recreational sports. But no matter how they get here, they all leave excited about the results of living a life with less body hair!